The excess of skin and fatty bags produces a false appearance of exhaustion, anger, drowsiness, and sadness. It also prevents make up from staying in the eyelids for the normally stipulated time, instead cracking rapidly. The objective of the Blepharoplasty is to better the aspect and form of the eyelids. In some patients the elevated transendoscopic of the eyebrows must be included, allowing for a more agreeable eye contour, particularly in its color, brightness and favoring an alert and alive overall look. For these reasons, the fat bags and excess skin in the upper and lower eyelids are extracted. The scars of the upper eyelids are hidden in the bottom of the greater crease. The scar of the lower eyelids stays within the eyelashes, half a millimeter where these are produced and are practically invisible.



  • Better aspect and shape of the eyelids
  • Discreet
  • Minimal scarring



Face Lift